Tilted Leaf™ College Sports Swag

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It’s August, which means we’ll soon be enjoying college football and other sports. What better way to both blend in with your tailgate crew, your student section, or your sports bar fan club, and stand out from all the usual alcohol-related swag than to combine your school spirit and your 4:20 bona fides?

Tilted Leaf™ is my brand meant to celebrate the intersection of sports and weed culture. The cannabis leaf silhouette in your state’s border is colored to match your favorite team. You’ll be surprised how many sports fans will love your marijuana reference.

It’s the last year in which NCAA sports conferences make any regional sense. Get your Tilted Leaf™ sticker for your state, colored to match your team’s colors. I’ve got one for teams that play in the Mountains out West*, near the Pacific* Ocean, and anywhere the Sky is Big*.

Check back throughout August as I add T-shirts, tank-tops, pint glasses, mouse pads, and more swag with the Tilted Leaf™. Got a special request for a product not shown, or maybe you want a design for your non-Western state? Send me that request via email, social media, or comment, and I’ll get right to it!

* I don’t know why I’m bothering to disguise the names of the conferences from which these team colors originate, since conferences really don’t mean anything anymore. But why risk a lawsuit, eh?


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