Trump For Life… or at least 10 to 20

I’ve been wanting to expand on my idea of the “Trump for Life… or at least 10 to 20” bumper sticker I designed earlier. That’s when I remembered that I made a “Treasonous Trump” Halloween costume in 2018 (did I call it or what?) that would make the perfect graphic to go on t-shirts.

Tilted Leaf™ College Sports Swag

It’s August, which means we’ll soon be enjoying college football and other sports. What better way to both blend in with your tailgate crew, your student section, or your sports bar fan club, and stand out from all the usual alcohol-related swag than to combine your school spirit and your 4:20 bona fides? Tilted Leaf™ […]

New Let’s Go Jack Smith! / Fani Willis! Stickers

Adding more to my Anti-MAGA Collection in celebration of the fourth (!) indictment of the former guy. I’m old enough to remember a time when you didn’t need a spreadsheet to keep track of all the former president’s criminal indictments for attempting to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States, storing sensitive national […]

The “I Avoid Handmaid States” Line

We just dropped a new design on stickers and shirts for men and women to express my disgust with my birth state of Idaho. If there is ever going to be a state that becomes the Gilead from Margaret Atwood’s “A Handmaid’s Tale,” it will be Idaho. The Gem State bans all abortion from the […]

Marijuana Map Minnesota Modified

It hasn’t happened quite yet, but the Minnesota Legislature has passed marijuana legalization and the bill sits on the governor’s desk, and he says he sign it. That makes Minnesota the 23rd legalized marijuana state, and I have updated my Marijuana Map Poster to reflect the change.

Red State Refugees Welcome

I often referred to myself in my progressive talk radio days as the “Red State Refugee.” But now when people ask me why I’ve moved away from Idaho, I tell them, “Go to Google News and type in ‘Idaho.’” Between being the only Western state to completely criminalize marijuana and now criminalizing nearly every abortion […]

Boise Deputy Police Chief Allegedly Condoned Racist Abusive Cops

In case you’re wondering what inspired my 1312 Project series of products, here’s a story from my birth state. ANTIOCH, Calif. — Boise Police Deputy Chief Tammany Brooks is being sued in California for his alleged role in a string of racist and offensive text messages between the City of Antioch Police Department, where he […]

Delaware Legalizes, Map Updated

Delaware Governor John Carney decided to allow marijuana legalization bills to become law without his signature, making it the 22nd state with recreational marijuana legalization. I’ve updated the Marijuana Future Poster to be accurate with the newest legal state, as well as the 38th and latest medical marijuana state, Kentucky. Stay tuned, as I may […]

Tilted Leaf™ Lifestyle Brand

This 4/20 I’ve decided to create the Tilted Leaf™ lifestyle brand. Tilted Leaf™ is about integrating cannabis culture to all areas of the mainstream, starting with my love of college football and smoking weed. Show your team spirit by combining your state’s outline with a cannabis leaf pointing forward and upward. Then apply your team’s […]

RadRuss.com is up in beta mode

I’ve finally found some time to begin constructing my online shop for all the graphic designs I can think of to put on trinkets, doo-dads, and clothing. I think you can actually buy the stuff you find in my shop. The ride scheduling is going to take some time. There will be plenty more products […]