The “I Avoid Handmaid States” Line

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We just dropped a new design on stickers and shirts for men and women to express my disgust with my birth state of Idaho. If there is ever going to be a state that becomes the Gilead from Margaret Atwood’s “A Handmaid’s Tale,” it will be Idaho. The Gem State bans all abortion from the moment of conception and has the nation’s only “abortion trafficking” law where it is a felony to help a pregnant teen get an abortion out-of-state.

Add to that the fact that it is the only state in the West where a cancer patient with her doctor’s recommendation to use cannabis as medicine can still be imprisoned; one of the few states where parents are allowed to “pray the sick away” until their child dies of an illness easily treated by modern medicine; and one of an increasing number of states where you’re allowed to carry any kind of loaded gun almost anywhere with no permit, training, or psychological tests; and maybe you, like me, will avoid travel to and business with these kinds of states.


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