Boise Deputy Police Chief Allegedly Condoned Racist Abusive Cops

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In case you’re wondering what inspired my 1312 Project series of products, here’s a story from my birth state.

ANTIOCH, Calif. — Boise Police Deputy Chief Tammany Brooks is being sued in California for his alleged role in a string of racist and offensive text messages between the City of Antioch Police Department, where he was the police chief from May 2017 through October of 2021.

The complaint says the department regularly referred to people as “monkeys,” “gorillas,” “f–gots,” “water buffalos,” and other derogatory terms. It also alleges officers “celebrated” the targeting of Black citizens, like “we just ran down a monkey.”

“Appallingly, at least 45 officers participated in or were aware of this misconduct and did nothing,” the complaint says. 

Brooks is being sued individually as part of the lawsuit. The suit alleges he was aware of the openly racist conduct of his officers, alleged excessive force that was used and that he failed to take any measures to prevent it. It also claims Brooks “encouraged and ratified the repeated and widespread pattern and practice of unconstitutional actions” by those officers.

According to Boise Police Department’s Instagram, Brooks is the first Black deputy chief in the department.


In case you’re wondering why Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states in America, part of the reason is because the deplorables who can’t stand the progressive West Coast are moving there in droves.


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