Tilted Leaf™ Lifestyle Brand

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This 4/20 I’ve decided to create the Tilted Leaf™ lifestyle brand. Tilted Leaf™ is about integrating cannabis culture to all areas of the mainstream, starting with my love of college football and smoking weed. Show your team spirit by combining your state’s outline with a cannabis leaf pointing forward and upward. Then apply your team’s school colors and you’ve got a Tilted Leaf™ design you can wear to both blend in and stand out in the bleachers, at the sports bar, or just sitting on your comfy couch.

You can find all the designs I’ve made so far at the Tilted Leaf™ tag. Currently I’ve got you covered if your team plays in the Pacific, in the Mountains out West, or anywhere the Sky is Big. I think that should be obscure enough to avoid any legal wrangling with the college football conferences.


"Radical" Russ

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